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RP starter [ Akemi-homosexual ]

July 26, year 2557. Forerunner shield-world “Requiem”

The sound of an intense firefight resounds in the large, silver wall of an unknown structure, while the Master Chief makes his way between a large group of Remnant Covenant who had secured the area before he appeared; after a good 10 minutes of intense fight finally John killed the last Elite, a Zhealot who where protecting the way with leads to a portal; after entering the same portal finally the Spartan founds a place to rest for a moment and a terminal-pedestal, wich uses to insert his IA companion there, after doing so Cortana appears over the terminal.

" Finally a place without Covenant …. since they got the way to enter this place they managed to be everywhere ! "

" It doest matter Cortana …… but we need to found a Covenant warship and go home … can you get the location of the Covenant landing zones ?

" Yes I can. But I’m going to need a couple of hours to do so …. "

" That much ?

" Yes, Chief. Remember I’m very close to complete Rampancy and if we want me to be in the better conditions when we got to Halsey, then I need to work with the less effort possible ….. I’m really sorry "

" No problem. If you need your tame take it, if any hostile forces comes to this way I’ll take care of them

" Oh Chief, but nobody’s …. actually …. I’m reading energy lectures comming from the portal that brought us here … "

And with Cortana’s advice, John took his assault rifle and aimed to the portal, waiting for the ones using the portal to come out.

[ I know Homura don’t use portals in her time-travels, but let’s say by some hit of bad luck she got to appear from that single portal :3 ]


"I am a very stern but fair teacher John." She chuckled.

" Stern is one thing, the other is trying to apply magical combat training mixed with physical conditioning with an ODST styled exercise routine. Almost all the new guys complained about the hard training ….. "

he burst a shot laughing before keep his story

" Until Nanoha came and scold all of us, they for complain for something that in the future would help them to have a better perform, and me for trying to apply into the newcommers a training designed for Spec-Ops units "


The blunette glanced her eyes over for a second, seeing if he had said anything. The chip in his hands was curious but nothing too note worthy for her as she flicked another piece of the napkin at Chris, much to her annoyance.

John looked again at each one, first Hibiki, then Tsubasa and finally at Chris. Saying phrases in the order he looked at the girls again throught the hole.

" Sense of humor even in the hardest battles, and when its not the best moment to be joking around …. "

" Calm and calculating, also kind of elegant in a strange short a way … "

" Looks like is a grumpy but actually do cares about the ones around her …… I think …. "

" If only you could see them Cortana …. you would love to talk to them in the way right now I can’t .. "


"Riiiiight…." Hayate narrowed her eyes to the side. Honestly, if it wasn’t for people like her alternate self and her versions of Nanoha and Fate, this man would find himself in all the weirdass situations of daily life.

It might as well be a comedy of errors.

" Perhaps …. "

he holded his chin for a moment, then nodded at his internal toughts

" Is because unlike them you actually have been through an actual war, in some points similar to the ones I were part of. And honestly in all my life I’ve been only talking to military personell. The main exception beign the woman who made the Spartans ….. and, no matter how I tried but I just don’t fit in the normal and most of the time calm life of the other yours "

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